Sleep – Setting a Nap Routine

In the early weeks your newborn will sleep when they they want to and they will sleep a lot! Around 4-6 weeks you’ll notice your baby sleeping less and being awake for longer periods of time. They’ll still fall asleep pretty easily when needed, but by 2-3 months you should establish a nap routine.

We were told to start noticing his natural sleep patterns and start putting him down at those times each day. Well Archer didn’t have any sort of regular sleep schedule so by 3 months he still didn’t have a nap routine and sometimes would be up for 4+ hours straight which apparently is too long for a newborn. Here’s the simple advice we followed and it worked!

Every two hours you baby needs a nap.

Yup, it’s that simple. Wake up, feed and then when it’s getting close to 2 hours from when your baby woke up, they’re ready for their nap. Start playing more quietly with them, stop talking to them, break eye contact and just hold, rock or walk them around. They’ll be out in no time and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they fall into a nap routine.

The other benefit, they sleep much better at night too when they get proper naps during they day. Babies need a schedule, it helps them feel comfortable in their environment and gives them time outs during the day to recharge, their brains are such sponges so they soak up a lot in those little 2 hour spurts when they’re up.


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