Sleep – Setting Day vs. Night

Your newborn won’t know day from night when they’re born. That means you can have a sleeping baby all day and then a lively baby that wants to play in the wee hours of the morning! To help Archer understand Day vs. Night we did something very simple:

-Only swaddled him at night, when it was time to sleep for a longer period of time.

-Only place him in his bassinet to sleep at night.

-Only use sound machine (i.e. Cloud B Giraffe) at night when it’s time to sleep.

All other times of the day when he wants to sleep, let him sleep on you for some good skin to skin time or have him sleep in a pack in play or a sling while you wear him. We had our baby sleep in the Bobby Lounger which we heard was great and prevented flat head syndrome — Archer loved it. We think he liked that is snuggled him a bit so he wasn’t flailing. Of course, never leave your newborn unattended sleeping in the lounger. If you read my boppy lounger post you can read my disclaimer.

My favorite was nap time for Archer and I together during the day — skin to skin! It’s the best and such a special time when they fit on your chest and just melt into you.



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