Toys: Sassy Developmental Rock And Roll Infant Play Gym

A Play Gym has been essential in our household. Archer at first would just look at all the colors and wiggle around during tummy time. Then he started to reach and swat at the toys. Now he grabs them and pulls them into his mouth. We have two gyms and this one he seems to prefer. The toys hang nice and high and it’s easy to switch out different toys once he got too used to the ones the play gym comes with.

It’s also great for tummy time, there are bright colors on the mat as well as lots of things to look up at.

We usually put him under this in the bathroom when we’re taking a shower or getting ready. It’s safe because he’s on the floor, no where to fall, and it’s entertaining.


My Mommy and Me instructor says it’s really best that they’re on the floor a lot, helps babies develop their muscles and learn about their body. This was great because they’re on the floor free of apparatus, but safe and entertained. Sassy Developmental Rock And Roll Infant Play Gym: Baby.




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