Gear: AngelCare 3-in-1 Video Baby Monitor

As first time parents, we wanted the best baby monitor we could find. We also were told by friends that the Angle Care Video and Sensor Baby Monitor was the best of the best and we agree. This monitor has all you could want:

Sound: you can vary the volume as well as the sound sensitivity, which is especially important when your baby begins to sleep in their own crib and can put them selves back to sleep if they wake up. You don’t need to hear them rustling around.

Video: we love watching Archer sleep, it just is reassuring to see him in his crib when you’re on the other side of the house. It’s important too when you hear crying or talking, you can see what they’re up to without interrupting their sleep/wake cycle.

Motion Sensor: this has allowed me to get more sleep than I otherwise would have. The Motion Sensor pad goes under the mattress and detects all movement including just breathing. If there is no movement detected after 20 seconds an alarm will sound. As scary as SIDS is we love having this sensor – it keeps me from waking up every hour to check on him. I also like that if he was to be removed from his crib/bed for some reason the alarm will sound — I might be using this monitor well it his teenage years! AngelCare 3-in-1 Video Baby Monitor: Baby.


Here’s is an easy to use tripod for you monitor so you can angle the camera just right! Buy on Amazon.


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