Sites: Amazon Mom

I don’t mean a freakishly tall and strong woman when I say Amazon Mom, I’m talking about’s program for moms (and any caregiver really). It’s an awesome program that is FREE to join. You can buy all your diapers and wipes easily online and if you sign up for the reoccurring auto-delivery you get 20% off your diapers and wipes. That’s a huge savings when you go through these baby products so quickly.

You also get 3 months of FREE Prime 2 day shipping which is a God send during the first few months. You won’t be leaving the house much and this is the perfect easy way to get what you need quickly. If you spend enough money through Amazon on baby products, including toys, furniture, etc…, you will get a whole year of FREE Prime 2 day shipping. It’s amazing… I bought our baby furniture through Amazon so we quickly qualified. I suggest you do the same!


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