Finding a Pediatrician

We interviewed 4 pediatricians in our area. Most take interviews some make you pay for them. We wanted a homeopathic pediatrician. It’s important to know what kind of pediatrician you want and how you feel about vaccinations, treatments, etc… Here are some questions to ask yourself or your doctor when interiewing:

  • What are the office hours?
  • Are they flexible in accommodating your schedule?
  • Is the office staff friendly, courteous, helpful?
  • Were you kept waiting on the phone or at the office?
  • Is the office environment clean and comfortable?
  • Is the waiting area child friendly?
  • Is there convenient parking available? Is it free?
  • How are routine appointments scheduled?
  • Is it hard to get an appointment?
  • What are the procedures if your baby is sick? Can you be seen same day?
  • What is the after hours policy? Can you talk to your doctor or do you need to talk to a doctor on call?
  • Will the pediatrician come to the hospital when your baby is born?
  • Who will cover if your pediatrician isn’t available?
  • What is the vaccination schedule?
  • Is the pediatrician flexible or do they stick to their way of doing things?
  • Did you fell rushed during the interview?
  • Do they have kids of their own? Do you care?

I am sure there are many more questions to ask, but these were the main ones we asked. In the end we chose the doctor that had the same beliefs we did on health and medicine. It also doesn’t hurt to read reviews of each doctor before you meet with them online (e.g. via

It may take a few weeks to get an interview lined up with a pediatrician so make sure to start your search early, around 7 months pregnant.


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