Sex Postpartum

This was the one thing no one told me — sex will hurt for months after you give birth. What?! I thought a regular vaginal birth wasn’t crippling. Guess again.

I am sure people’s experiences are different and whether you tore or not during delivery will have a lot to do with it — I did a bit so maybe that’s why sex was so painful at first — but the standard 6 weeks the doctor says you need to heal and therefore can’t have sex doesn’t come close to how much time it takes to really heal.

I’ve surveyed 3 other friends and they all say it took them months, some up to 6 months postpartum, for sex to become pleasurable again. For me it took just over 3 months for sex not to be painful and about 4 months for it to be pleasurable. I was so worried that it’d never feel good again, thank goodness the pain has stopped and it has become pleasurable. I will say it still isn’t the same as before. I also hear from a few friends that it really isn’t the same ever again, but I’m sure that is a case by case… or at least I hope so.

Since I had a natural birth I didn’t associate that area of my body with pleasure, it felt like a big wound, so it took some time before I was even in the right mindset. If your husband is like mine then he’ll be ready for you on the first day past 6 weeks. Tread lightly! Use lubrication! Go slow! And it’s ok to stop the whole thing if it’s just too painful, don’t feel bad, you just had a baby! Maybe it is nature’s way to make sure you don’t get pregnant again too fast. Ha.


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