Guest Blogger Marylouise: Becoming a Grandmother

As new moms we know how exited our mothers got when they knew we were expecting, but have we checked in since our babies have been born to ask them what’s it’s like?  I asked my mom and here’s what she had to say about becoming a Grandmother:
“Everyone always says it is the greatest thing in the world–becoming a grandmother, but it’s one of those things that you hear but don’t understand until it happens to you.  It is still hard to describe but there’s an understanding among other grandparents about how you feel and what you are going through.
I am in the early stages of being a grandmother; grandsons are 9 months and 5 months old, but I already think my grandsons are the cutest and smartest children ever born!  I see the way other grandparents look and feel about their grandchildren and they feel and think the same way.  How can we each have the smartest and most beautiful babies?
Something I enjoy already is the acceptance (by one grandson) that I am fine and interesting the way I am.  He is old enough to be observant and curious and he loves finding the brown spots on my skin, feeling out the wrinkles, and he doesn’t care that I have rolls or flabbiness around my mid section.  For him, grandma is a place to explore, climb on, and relax on.
Finally, the best thing for me is to see a child grow and develop, almost like a plant growing or a flower blooming.  As a grandmother I can afford to sit back and relax and observe.  I am not caught up in the daily worries of getting to work, making sure there is food and clean clothes for everyone, and I don’t have to always wonder whether I am doing the right thing in raising my child.  As a grandmother I realize that each child is born with a set of dispositions and tendencies and it is a marvel to see how these unfold.  The challenge is always how to cope with certain personalities and how to enhance or encourage the child to develop into a happy, well rounded, secure child.
I am so excited about this adventure!”
With Mother’s Day coming up, it might be fun to ask your mom what it feels like to be a grandparent. Great Mother’s Day brunch conversation topic!
Marylouise with her grandchildren, Archer 3 weeks old and Christopher 5 months old.

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