Infant Care

For first time parents it can be nerve racking to think about taking care of a newborn during those first few weeks when you are sure exactly what you’re doing. This is especially true for those of us that are the youngest in our families or who were only children, we were always the babies!

So what are all the dos and don’ts? We took an infant class at our local hospital and here are the not so obvious things we learned:

  • Do not use baby wipes for the first month, use soft cloth or paper towel and warm water only as wipes can irritate the babies skin. Wait until they’re at least 1 month old to use baby wipes. We still use Sensitive Baby Wipes and have never had an issue.
  • Do not use baby powder. The powder gets in the air when used and if inhaled is bad for the baby’s lungs. I don’t know why they even sell the stuff anymore!
  • Diaper rash is from the production of ammonia which comes from pee and poo mixing. This is why it’s so important to change the baby’s diaper often and really make sure to get everything wiped clean.
  • When changing the baby’s diaper, wipe the peepee area first then the butt. Bacteria in the butt can cause bladder infections (just like adults!)
  • When cleaning the butt, make sure to really wipe in the crack. If not cleaned well irritation can occur that is harder to cure.
  • Make sure before you put on the diaper their butt is dry.
  • Give them a sponge bath/wipe down until their umbilical cord falls off. Usually by 10 days old it’ll fall off. Then after that you can bath them every few days, be careful not to dry out their skin by bathing too much with soap.
  • Wash their face and behind their ears daily or 2x a day. Wipe each eyelid with a clean damp washcloth, then the nose, mouth, chin, under the chin, face and behind each ear. Make sure to get all the creases!
  • Before bathing baby, make sure to test the water on your inner wrist. Do not let water run near baby, it may get hot or cold unexpectedly.
  • Taking a baby’s temperature, you can take it in the armpit or in the butt. If you take it in the butt you need to add one degree.

If your baby is anything like Archer they’ll cry hysterically for the first month when you change their diaper. He hated having his diaper change. I have no idea why, but one thing we did to help is we hung a toy on the wall at eye level when he was on the changing table. He began to check it out and  started to reach for it — was a great distraction!

Hope you found this helpful and maybe learned a thing or two. We definitely did!


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