The Must Have Baby Item…

Washcloths! I am sure you would never guess that one items you’ll need the most for your newborn are soft small washcloths. Yes, you heard me washcloths. You want them extra soft for baby’s sensative skin, small so you can easily wipe down baby without getting their clothes all wet and a lot of them! We go through 4-5 a day. Basically after each feeding, before bed, in the morning and during baths we use a washcloth to clean up Archer.

My mom was the one who said we’d need a bunch of them and gifted us about 20. I never thought I’d need as many as she said I would, but boy am I glad we have them. I use them several times a day and even stick one in my purse or pocket when heading out the door. Much less bulky than a burp cloth and just as effective while on the go.

We have some similar washcloths as those pictured below. These are from Babies R Us, but be sure to feel them beforehand to make sure they’re extra soft!

Babies R Us 8 Pack Washcloths – Boy – Koala Baby – Babies “R” Us.


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