The Best Baby Swimwear for Summer!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! We spent the first half of the day at the beach, under our awesome Shade Shack (see previous post, it’s a must buy for parents!) and Archer enjoyed a little dip with Daddy in his new swimwear.

If you’ve taken your little one swimming you’ve most likely used a disposable swim diaper. We did that too the first few times. They soak up with water and practically act like a floatation device, not to mention they’re not too attractive. They do their job though. I wasn’t looking for any alternative until I stumbled upon these adorable reusable swim diapers from iPlay. I decided to give one a try, mostly because they were cute, reusable and  less bulky. I am happy to report they worked great! Archer is 6 months old and on the thin side and the 9-12 month size fit fine, even when wet, and will still fit as he grows. I highly recommend buying a few of these if you’re a water family like we are.

These diapers also won a 2012 Cribsie Award — I am not surprised. I definitely would have voted them the best swimwear as well.

They also sell rash guards and we did get a matching protective sun hat as well. Both worked great for our pool and beach outings.

Mix ‘n Match Ultimate Swim Diaper – Swimwear – Swim & Sun – i play.


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