It’s so cute to see a baby with two little teeth sticking out, but it’s not so fun being the parent dealing with a teething child! Well, some parents are lucky and their kids have virtually no symptoms when their teeth begin to come in. We weren’t so lucky.

Archer got his first two bottom teeth in around 5 months. It started with night waking. He was sleeping through the night and then started waking several times a night. We figured out it was his teeth once we could feel them breaking through the gums. This night waking lasted 3 weeks! Now again around 7 months his two top teeth are coming in and not only have we had night waking (up 3-4 times a night) we also have had low grade fevers. I’ve since done lots of reading on teething symptoms and what you can do to help your baby. Here’s what I learned:

When: Usually between 4-7 months middle bottom two will come in, but some babies teeth late and not always with the bottom two being first.


  • red swollen gums
  • excess of drool
  • low fever for a few days (under 101)
  • night waking
  • irritability/fussiness
  • reduction in appetite
  • biting everything
Archer had a fever for 3 days of 99 degrees. We called our pediatrician just to make sure we shouldn’t come in. She said as long as it didn’t go over 101 and he didn’t have any other symptoms of a cold or flu then not to worry.



These aren’t all treatments as much as things to do to help baby along:

  • teething ring: we loved the Lifefactory silicon teething ring.
  • teething biscuits: many different brands available, we stick to Earth’s Best
  • cold food: we refrigerated some of Archer’s pureed food to help sooth his gums
  • medicine:

We stuck to the two homeopathic options, neither seemed to really help that much to be honest. He still woke up a few times at night, but I also don’t think we gave him enough. You are supposed to give up to 2 additional doses every 15 minutes, we only gave one. Both the Kids Relief and the Camilia were recommended by friends and both said they worked for them.

Taking Care of Your Baby’s Teeth:

Even before your baby gets teeth you’re suppose to wipe down their gums to help clear bacteria. We never did that. Ever since he got his two bottom teeth we have been cleaning them. You can either use a soft bristle tooth brush, a wash cloth or some sterile gauze (what we use) to clean your baby’s teeth with water.

Some books also said that once your baby has teeth you should start taking them to the dentist. We haven’t done that yet!



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