Welcome to Becoming Mommy!

I am a new Mom to my son Archer and spend a lot of time and money researching different questions, trying different products and asking for recommendations on everything from products to playtime. I’m going to share what I learn so others can benefit from all this time and money I spend!

I am not an expert nor any sort of accredited child development specialist. I am a working Mom trying out different things and sticking to what works best. I also belong to a (very expensive) Mommy & Me group where we share experiences and tactics.

I should also add that my general outlook on pregnancy and motherhood has been to be as natural and unintrusive as possible. I generally follow the thinking that nature knows best and try to facilitate natural processes and follow the natural instincts within.

I’ve organized the information into four areas: Labor & Delivery, First Year (with 3 month increment subgroups), Gear & Products and Resources. If you are having trouble finding information on a topic use the search box on the right hand side of the page. Still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me and I’ll help if I can.

I hope what has worked for me and my son help you in your adventures into Mommyhood!


PS – If you’re an expert on a parenting topic and would like to write a post to share your knowledge please let me know! Guest bloggers welcome.

8 Months Pregnant


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lizzie! This is fantastic! You are inspiring me to find time to blog (which I’ve thought a lot about but haven’t found the time!) – I love the idea of a historical account of all this crazy mommy stuff! Love your advice, lists and pictures…keep the updates coming! xoxo

    • Thanks Stacy!! So glad you’re enjoying. It’s amazing how much we all learn becoming Moms and when you try to write it all down you really understand all the information you need to be an informed parent! Have fun creating yours, you are such the expert and many of us would love to get your tips on how you do things. Big hugs to you and Nicolas!

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