Cause and Effect Play

As Archer grows older sometimes we struggle with new games or activities to keep him challenged and learning. My Mommy & Me instructor gave us some suggestions to group types of play and then introduce one type for a few weeks then switch. For example there is Cause and Effect play, there’s reading, there’s stacking, there’s “balls”, there’s hike and seek, etc…

Archer loves anything that makes noise — whether by shaking it or slamming it on the ground. Such a boy! I bought these toys for him as his first set of “cause and effect” toys. He LOVES them! Especially the drum. He has figured out how to use the drum stick but mostly chews on it. It’s so cute though to watch him try to coordinate hitting the drum and when he does, he gets so proud of himself. He also loves to shake the bells and smiles doing it and the maracas, those are his second favorite behind the drum. Not only are they interesting shapes, but they make a nice sound and are fun to clack together (if you buy two).



Play: 6-9 months

Today in my Mommy & Me class there were a few of us that said we were running out of tricks! Our babies who were 6-8 months old were getting bored of our usual games and their usual toys. We joked that we better buy more toys and our instructor gave us many ideas that are pretty much free! Now that got our attention. Here were some of her ideas for babies that around 6-9 months old:

Hide & Seek is a really great game during this age because it helps babies understand that even if they can’t see you, you’re there which is important to understand when they start getting separation anxiety. Here are a few iterations:

  • Put your baby in their car seat and step out of the room saying “Where’s Mommy, Where’s Mommy [insert your baby’s name]?” Then jump back in “There she is!”
  • Get a cloth napkin and drape it over you head saying “Where’s Mommy?” and revealing “There she is!” Once your baby is getting it then put the napkin over your baby’s head and say “Where’s [insert your baby’s name]?” and them removing it “There she is!”
  • Hide and seek with food! Get 3 dixi cups and place a piece of rice cereal or a piece of fruit under one of them. Ask Baby where it is and reveal it. Later you can move the cups around to see if they can track which one has the food.