It’s so cute to see a baby with two little teeth sticking out, but it’s not so fun being the parent dealing with a teething child! Well, some parents are lucky and their kids have virtually no symptoms when their teeth begin to come in. We weren’t so lucky.

Archer got his first two bottom teeth in around 5 months. It started with night waking. He was sleeping through the night and then started waking several times a night. We figured out it was his teeth once we could feel them breaking through the gums. This night waking lasted 3 weeks! Now again around 7 months his two top teeth are coming in and not only have we had night waking (up 3-4 times a night) we also have had low grade fevers. I’ve since done lots of reading on teething symptoms and what you can do to help your baby. Here’s what I learned:

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Product: Aden + Anais 100% Cotton Muslin Burpy Bib

When registering I had heard how awesome Aden + Anais products where, specifically the muslin light receiving blankets (perfect to drape over the car seat to block the sun or to keep germs out when out and about). I never heard about this product however, until last week at my Mommy and Me.

The Aden + Anais muslin burpy bib is perfect for drooling and spit up prone babies! From 4-6 months we experienced the most drool and spit up — teething causes excess drool and spitting up becomes most problematic around 5 months. This burp cloth and bib is super absorbant and as you can see from the photo below you can wrap it around your baby’s shoulders, secured in the back with a simple button, and it soaks up everything that drips and splats from your baby’s mouth. You also can turn it easily when one section gets soaked.

Oh how I wish I registered for this instead of the Aden + Anais washcloths (which I think are too big and bulky). Make this a must have item! You’ll save yourself a lot of time changing outfits!

Amazon.com: Aden by aden + anais 100% Cotton Muslin Burpy Bib, Oh Boy: Baby.

Toys: Bright Starts Rattle

We were gifted this rattle and just gave it to Archer to play with a few weeks ago (around 4 months old) and he just loves it! It definitely is his favorite rattle at this age. He loves to shake it and chew on it. ¬†At only $4.99 it’s a cheap and entertaining toy!

Amazon.com: Bright Starts Start Your Senses Rattle A Round: Baby.

Toys: Sophie The Giraffe

Everyone seems to have Sophie the Giraffe teething and chew toy. We registered for it as it’s kinda expensive, $22-$25, and were gifted it by a friend. It definitely catches his attention and he loves to chew on Sophie’s ears. He still has some trouble handling it and getting it into his mouth the way he wants to, but as he gets old and has better motor skills I am sure this will be among his favorite things to chew on. This toy does squeak so if you have issues with that, I’d skip on this one.

Sophie The Giraffe: Toys & Media ~ Infant Toys | giggle.


Toys: Bright Starts Lots of Links

Links are a must have! They are great for baby to chew on, rattle when linked and you can add them to almost any play gym to help mix up the activities for baby.

Around 3 months of age when their vision starts to develop better, their eyes beginning to work together you’ll notice they starting reaching with boy hands toward toys. Maybe 3 month olds’ favorite toy is a simple ring! Archer had a black and white one he loved to reach out and grab then chew on.

Amazon.com: Bright Starts Lots of Links: Toys & Games.

Toys: Manhattan Toy Winkel

I just ordered this toy for Archer, came highly recommended by some other Moms in my Mommy and Me class. Hope Archer likes it as much as their kids do!

Amazon.com: Manhattan Toy Winkel: Toys & Games.

Toys: Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

According to my Mommy and Me instructor this is the best toy for developing minds — usually good from 4+ months when they can really grasp things. It’s also great to chew on when they begin to teeth and other than most painted wood toys, the pain on this never comes off so you don’t have to worry.

Amazon.com: Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic: Baby.