Cradle Cap

Most infants at some point in their first three months get cradle cap. Cradle cap looks like flakey rough patches on the scalp. It’s basically from a build up of oil on the scalp.

Archer got cradle cap and after reading all these different ways to get rid of it, we just simply began washing his hair every 2 days with a mild soap making sure to rinse it thoroughly. Then after applied a little bit of baby oil to the scalp to soften the scales. Then brushed his hair with a soft bristle brush every day, morning and night, to help the flakes come off. Just a few days later it was gone and hasn’t returned yet. To help keep it at bay, we make sure to brush his hair 2 times a day to get the oil off the scalp and on the days we don’t bathe him we wipe down his scalp with a damp wash cloth.



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